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Benjamin Rolnik

Salutogenic Interventionist // Transformation Scientist // Technology Entrepreneur // Leadership Coach

If your mind creates your world, then… how good do you want it?

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Benjamin Rolnik has worked with some of the biggest YouTube Stars & personal development leaders in the world, launched 2 technology companies, and founded Integral Fitness (one of the largest bicoastal millennial personal development organizations).

Combining his experience in business with his research at Stanford & UCLA investigating Health, Happiness, Wellbeing, Stress & Resilience, he is engineering universal techniques that can assist anyone in living a life they love.

Having grown up touring the world with legends like The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and Aerosmith, Benjamin learned that true happiness is an “inside” job.

It is time to discover your path to happiness and freedom.

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Me with friends and clients - including Tony Robbins & the worlds leading social media influencers (Bethany Mota, Grace Helbig, Lindsey Stirling, D-Trix, Shay Carl, Chester See, GOLDN, & Christian Collins)



Benjamin Rolnik has a brilliant mind and a massive heart. Ben’s commitment to personal growth and elevating others is next level and a testament to his comprehensive knowledge of science and spirituality, diverse life experience, and deep level of compassion for others. If you have a chance to experience Ben’s work or attend one of his conscious events in LA, say “YES!” as you will be beautifully supported, and walk away clear, connected, and inspired.


How IRONIC today marks the year anniversary of moving out of my apartment last year. It’s such a trip to think back to how I felt then and now. The perspective change! … I’m forever grateful <3 <3


Ben Rolnik has proven to me again and again that there is no problem or obstacle that cannot be overcome with the right mindset. His years of experience, passion for helping, and genuine curiosity have repeatedly helped me explore what was truly underlying my roadblocks and helped me remove them in fun and uplifting ways.

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